For those seeking a perfect balance between home and work, Ponca City has the answer.  As a city that is big enough to have everything you need, in a location that is close enough to everything you want, at a cost that makes it all possible, this small city does indeed offer a big life.

 The cost of a home in Ponca City is more than 33% below the cost of the average American home.  It is 35% below the cost of a home in Dallas, Texas and 51% below the cost of a home in Denver, Colorado.   As a comparison, you could buy 3.5 homes in Ponca City for the same cost of buying a comparable home only once in Los Angeles. The bottom line is that your money will go much further in Ponca City as the overall cost of living is almost 12% below the national average. Compare your current community with Ponca City here.

 If owning your own home in a full service community with great schools, short commutes, beautiful parks, significant cultural amenities, close by outdoor recreation and a full schedule of year round calendar of activities sounds good, the employment opportunities in the community continue to grow every year.

Below are reports which may assist with your decision to more your family and your business to Ponca City. 

Ponca City Economic Overview - Fall 2018

Workforce Study Summary - 2015

Why Ponca City?