Business & Relocation Incentives

Business Incentives

PCDA incentives are available to companies that create “economic base” jobs. This includes a wide variety of industries. In general, a company that exports a product or service outside of Ponca City creates an economic base job. Specifically excluded, however, are retail, hospitality, local professional services, local business services and personal services.

Perhaps the most important incentive, however, is Ponca City itself. The community’s ability and desire to work with existing and new businesses, the flexibility and availability of workforce training programs, and the low cost of operation make for a very business-friendly environment.

And the quality of life in our city – with the opportunity to send children to Ponca City Schools and the ability to lead a balanced life in a community that is as beautiful as it is welcoming – provides an incentive that is hard to match.

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Relocation Incentives

Looking for a new community? Have a joining spouse with specific skills or training? Make sure to contact Ponca Works to find out what opportunities exist with local Ponca City employers.

Wanting to start a business? PCDA participates in an Inventor’s Club, as well as offering a Small Business Pitch-Off every April, featuring monetary incentives and support.

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