The Industry Certification and Assistance program or ICAP began in 2011. The program provides assistance of half the industry certification fees (up to $6,000) to local industries interested in pursuing specific industry certification for their business sites including the ISO series, European Conformity and A.S.M.E. These types of site certifications are quickly becoming mandatory to secure larger national, as well as international, contracts for manufactured products. This program, which often takes up to two years for a company to complete, is available to any company located in Ponca City and contiguous to Ponca City using Ponca City utilities. This program was designed by PCDA’s Director of Business Retention and Expansion, Laurence Beliel, a manufacturing industry expert who holds a Six Sigma Black Belt. Beliel is able to assist companies with their initial third party audits as well as edit and assist with the written plans needed for attaining many industry certifications.

To apply for the ICAP program, please fill out the application and contact Laurence Beliel at PCDA by phone: 580-761-7071 or e-mail: lbeliel@goponca.com.

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