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Strategically located within 90 minutes of three major metropolitan areas, Ponca City has the amenities normally found in larger communities, but with a small-town feel.

Ponca City has the amenities normally found only in larger communities, but without the hassles of traffic jams, overcrowding, high utility rates, and urban crime.

Quality of Life

Five minutes from Lake Ponca; 15 minutes from Kaw Lake and just a walk, bike ride or five minute car ride from gardens, parks, frisbee golf & regular golf courses as well as a growing Downtown Arts District. Ponca City boasts its own local brewing company, Vortex Alley Brewing as well as community theatre, children's theatre, three dance studios and two gymnasiums. Find out more about what is happening at Visit Ponca City.

Free Wifi

Ponca City Wi-Fi is a free wireless internet solution offered to Ponca City residents. Wi-Fi signals are available throughout town and can be connected to without a username or password. This is provided as a free service to all residents with the City limits. For more information, please visit the City's information page or call the help line at 763-8066 or Email.

Recreation & Nature

Ponca City is within 10 minutes of two lakes, Ponca and Kaw, where boating and fishing are available year around. Ponca Park & Recreation is in charge of over 25 parks and four splash pads. To find out more about all of the outdoor adventures available to you and your family.

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