Weekly Updated September 20, 2019

WE KNOW A GUY… PCDA is working two new leads this week and how they came about is illustrative of how things work. The first lead is the result of knowing a guy. A connection in Ponca City told “a guy” about Ponca City while this guy was talking about how his company was considering a new location within 100 miles of Wichita. One thing led to another and before you know it, PCDA is in their face. Our thanks to the person who talked up Ponca City. This is hopefully a reminder that economic development is a team sport. The second lead came through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC). ODOC is very often the front door for companies who know they want to be in the general region (which could be up to six states) but don’t know a lot about individual Oklahoma communities. Companies contact ODOC, say they need this and that and ODOC looks for a fit. This is one reason why PCDA co-sponsors and travels with ODOC on a regular basis so that when those calls come in, Ponca City is top of ODOC’s mind.

The challenges with both of these leads will be workforce. One is a highly specialized skill set that requires highly specialized people. We’re in the running because it is not that many of them and it is not something that would steal employees from an existing company. The other is a call center. PCDA believes that there is a workforce for a call center. There are companies, however, who often look at population and say “I need a population of 750 people for every call center employee.” If you use that metric, which some do, Ponca City is only looked at for projects of 75 jobs or so (throwing in all of Kay County and the Osage). That doesn’t mean PCDA believes this or says this. That means some companies do. We know this from what site consultants tell us as well as our friends at ODOC who often hear “oh they’re too small” when talking about areas outside of OKC and Tulsa. We don’t know yet if this call center company has the perception that a 300 employee call center is too big for Ponca City but, with ODOC’s help, we at least get to try and make the case this time.
Sat, Sept. 28 // 3rd Annual TallGrass Bike Tour // Wentz Camp Grounds
Get signed up for this amazing bike tour - Seven Route Options

Thurs, Oct 10//IENetwork Meeting// 5:30 pm in Gravity
Angelyn Myers, creator of My Buddy Towel
will be sharing her invention story with the group.

Tuesday, Oct 22//Business on the Balcony//PCDA Balcony
The pre 8 AM networking event is for those seeking business connections, answers to business questions or just some breakfast with other business people.
Great time to have those biz conversations. invite a friend.

Thursday, 24//Goblins on Grand//Downtown
Join hundreds of kids and adults on Main Street here in downtown Ponca City.
$2 tickets and the festivities start at 5:30. Get those costumes ready!
MADE IN AMERICA Tradeshow - heading to Indianapolis to tell the world
about our Ponca City Manufacturers.
The Meso Lineman Rodeo was held in Ponca City at Dan Moran Park.
Ponca City Energy had a team in the event and
they did really well (check out that hardware).
City Central played host to meals, awards and all the on the ground stuff!
IENetwork - October 10, 5:30 pm

TALKING TO THE NEXT GEN..... ..of workers here in Ponca City. The Ambassadors program started this week with presentations during The Wildcat Way hour at PoHi. Great turnout; great response as Josh Gill from Bliss Industries shared his career story
Joshua Gill, Inside Sales Coordinator for Bliss Industries.

To stay informed about events, programs and entertainment in Ponca City this fall. The Visit Ponca City website has a great calendar with all the things happening in our community. Next month in back to school and September is busy, busy, busy.
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