Weekly Update September 4, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
THE CITY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER.....stays together. As summer draws to a close and Labor Day is next Monday, PCDA had a busy week. Staff spoke with companies who were looking to grow, expand, contract and move. This is what we do and though we can't talk about the specifics, conversations were had; ideas were worked and pencil was put to paper to figure out if what we in Ponca City have, will work for what these companies want or need.

And how does PCDA do that? With all the items in our economic development arsenal including land, a few buildings (getting fewer every day), possible incentives and with a little help from our friends. Like the City of Ponca City assisting with a potential customer to see if a location has the equipment needed, and needs electricity for that experiment. Enter the City of Ponca City to flip that switch so her electrician can check it out. Or the start-up business checking out land options for possible businesses, but where to get the workforce who are trained (and trained specifically) in the areas needed? Hello Pioneer Technology Center. Or maybe there is the call from an out of town company wanting to explore contractors who are well aligned with the community. Enter the Chamber of Commerce with their Chamber Directory. And PCDA staff help out where we can: pulling data for a project submission; offering meeting space to local organizations so they don't have to cancel meetings for lack of social distancing, touring companies through town and assisting with workforce recruitment.

It takes a big family to pull off what we call economic development here in Ponca City. And then there is the backbone of our economy: the small business owners in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics and food safety. Then the retailers and service providers who add joy, happiness, food and drink to Ponca City life. So, thank you to our big family here in Ponca City. Keep shopping, eating and drinking locally and fill out your 2020 Census. There is less than a month left. Then, we wait for the tabulations. Yes, waiting is the name of this economic development game. Partnerships just make it easier. And maybe a little fun.

In recognition of National PTAC Day on September 16, 2020, Dawn Brakey is hosting two virtual and in-person training events at City Central in Ponca City. Space is limited to 10 people in person for safe social distancing.

Title of Event: How to Do Business with the State of Oklahoma
Date/Time: 9/16/2020 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: Virtual and in person at City Central
Description: Wendy Clark, Certified Procurement Officer/Vendor Specialist with Central Purchasing will discuss vendor registrations, upcoming increase in thresholds, open solicitations, statewide contracts and much more.
To Register: Click Here (Please email or call me to reserve your in person seat.)

Title of Event: 2020 National PTAC Day Webinar
Date/Time: 9/16/2020 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Virtual and in person at City Central
Description: All businesses are invited to join government marketplace experts from around the country for a fun, interactive, and enlightening event! Hosted by the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, participants will have a chance to test their knowledge of the federal government marketplace while hearing top tips from PTAC counselors across the country. Businesses with all levels of government contracting experience are welcome to participate in this FREE event.
Register for in Person: Click Here (This will give me the opportunity to help field any additional questions you might have about government contracting.)
Register for Webinar: Click Here
Is your small company growing? Looking at expansion? Hiring more people? Buying a building? Investing in equipment? Welcome to the Phase II Pitch-off. Think "Shark Tank" for Ponca CIty companies. The criteria for Phase II includes a five-minute pitch to three judges and up to a 15 minute Q&A period after the pitch when the judges ask questions to clarify any pitch point of the company. During the pitch, the business representative(s) will need to cohesively present their business proposition, uses and needs for a $10,000 line-of-credit, a Profit & Loss statement and written overview. These materials will be submitted the week prior to the Pitch date of November 10th and distributed to the judges participating. The judges will be zooming in to hear these pitches. More criteria and information can be found here. Come on! You know you wanna. Former Small Business Pitch-off contestants are encouraged to participate.

When in doubt, please call the Denver Regional Office for verification at 1-800-852-6159. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time.
Monday, Sept 7 // Labor Day // PCDA Office Closed

Tuesday, Sept 8 // Pioneer Tech Manager's Tool Belt (First Session)
8 Sessions (weekly) on building a stronger management team and culture within your business. Sessions will be held at Pioneer Technology Center from 11:30 to 1:30 through November 3rd (no session October 27th). The cost is $499 which includes all materials, lunch each session. Call Corbin DeWitt at 580.718.4350 or for more information.

Thursday, Sept 10 // PCDA Board Meeting // 7:30 am // City Central Summit

Fri-Sat, Sept 11-12 // City Arts Crawl // Downtown
Friday 3 to 7 pm & Sat 10 to 4 pm. Come see the artists and do some shopping with your local retailers.

Wed, Sept 16 // Doing Business with the State of OK// Virtual & City Central
Seeking new clients? Customers? The State of Oklahoma may be looking for your products or services. Find out how to align your business with the state and acquire those new customers. 10:00 to 2:00 pm. See flyer below to register.

The City Central building is here for you Ponca City. During this time of COVID-19, June through August, the building has hosted 34 daytime meetings for local organizations in various rooms with appropriate masks and social distancing. "Treasure Island" was performed in the courtyard by The Wildcat Theatre Troupe in July and opportunities for safe, outdoor family activities have been visible around the building including Central Fare and interactive arts. Staff is happy to watch all the new murals, foxes, art and business taking place in the downtown area.

Andy Warhol said "Uptown is for people who have already done something. Downtown is where they’re doing something now. I live uptown but I love downtown." If you don't know who Andy Warhol is, please look it up. Soup cans people! Soup cans.
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