Weekly Update September 11, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
MONEY (MADE YOU LOOK)…Did you hear the one about when the Coronavirus came in contact with the PCDA Board of Trustees? Seems the Coronavirus had to quarantine itself for 14 days. Whether that one was too soon or not, those same PCDA Trustees were in action yesterday hearing the results of an audit of PCDA performed during the month of August. The firm of CBEW out of Cushing descended upon the PCDA office, went through records, kicked financial tires, looked over various shoulders, talked to people, made people sign stuff, brought out the ten keys and generally poured over how PCDA handles your money. Those results were provided by the auditor straight to the PCDA Trustees, the very people who hired the auditors, and told them to go digging last May.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. This is done every year as an operational practice and a matter of law to make sure that the public is benefiting from the half cent sales tax. The audit looked over PCDA’s work in overall economic development, which is the vast majority of what PCDA does. It also reviewed PCDA’s management of the City Central building, including the completion of the City Central renovation project which was concluded in the last fiscal year, and the management of the PCDA “opportunity” fund which is the money used when a spec building is needed or a big fish comes to town. Having set you up, it may seem a little anti-climatic to say that the auditors delivered a “clean” opinion yesterday, meaning that nothing bad was found and that PCDA was operating as intended. Boring? Perhaps. But please don’t say “boring” like it’s a bad thing. Sometimes, boring is a compliment. (Read Press Release here)

TAKE TWO ON THE SMITH BUILDING…we told you a couple of weeks ago that the Smith/Schlumberger building that has not been available for sale or lease since it closed in 2017, was set to be auctioned off in October as part of a nationwide auction of Schlumberger’s empty buildings. That timing, however, has now changed. The company pulled the Ponca City building off the auction block, reporting that it wasn’t quite ready to go. They said that they plan on finishing up a few things and that the building should be on their next company auction date (company’s words, more or less). It just won’t be October and, therefore, the building will probably not be available for at least the rest of the year (PCDA’s assumptions, not a company statement). Stay tuned.
We are excited to share some news about a company right here in Ponca City who bought a very cool piece of equipment which will assist with growing their company. This capital investment will grow a part of their business, which we can only allude to, as this is the company's news to share, not PCDA's. But here is a picture.

And for some more exciting news from another company in the AIP.....well, we can't discuss that either. But it is exciting and we hope when you read about it or someone tells you about it, you remember you heard about it first from PCDA. You know. The things we can't really talk about, but they are exciting and will grow our primary industries here in Ponca City.
In recognition of National PTAC Day on September 16, 2020, Dawn Brakey is hosting two virtual and in-person training events at City Central in Ponca City. Space is limited to 10 people in person for safe social distancing.
Title of Event: How to Do Business with the State of Oklahoma
Date/Time: 9/16/2020 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: Virtual and in person at City Central
Description: Wendy Clark, Certified Procurement Officer/Vendor Specialist with Central Purchasing will discuss vendor registrations, upcoming increase in thresholds, open solicitations, statewide contracts and much more.
To Register: Click Here (Please email or call me to reserve your in person seat.)

Title of Event: 2020 National PTAC Day Webinar
Date/Time: 9/16/2020 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Virtual and in person at City Central
Description: All businesses are invited to join government marketplace experts from around the country for a fun, interactive, and enlightening event! Hosted by the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, participants will have a chance to test their knowledge of the federal government marketplace while hearing top tips from PTAC counselors across the country. Businesses with all levels of government contracting experience are welcome to participate in this FREE event.
Register for in Person: Click Here (This will give me the opportunity to help field any additional questions you might have about government contracting.)
Register for Webinar: Click Here
Is your small company growing? Looking at expansion? Hiring more people? Buying a building? Investing in equipment? Welcome to the Phase II Pitch-off. Think "Shark Tank" for Ponca CIty companies. The criteria for Phase II includes a five-minute pitch to three judges and up to a 15 minute Q&A period after the pitch when the judges ask questions to clarify any pitch point of the company. During the pitch, the business representative(s) will need to cohesively present their business proposition, uses and needs for a $10,000 line-of-credit, a Profit & Loss statement and written overview. These materials will be submitted the week prior to the Pitch date of November 10th and distributed to the judges participating. The judges will be zooming in to hear these pitches. More criteria and information can be found here. Come on! You know you wanna. Former Small Business Pitch-off contestants are encouraged to participate.

for supporting the 2020 Census. Six Census employees, two PCDA staff and a PIoneer Technology volunteer were out in force last week, handing out donuts and snow cones, playing in traffic (who says incentives don't work) to the over 600 employees at Dorada Foods. We talked to over 300 people and had 14 families fill out their 2020 Census form. Make sure your employees have filled out the forms. Census workers are knocking on house doors to finish up counting our community. You still have time to fill out your 2020 Census at today.
Fri-Sat, Sept 11-12 // City Arts Crawl // Downtown
Friday 3 to 7 pm & Sat 10 to 4 pm. Come see the artists and do some shopping with your local retailers.

Sat, Sept 12 // Seed Swap // The Link lobby area
10:00 to 1:00 pm - enter through the South or West Doors
Local saved seeds to be swapped or just picked up for growing this spring.
Take a minute during the art crawl to check out this
fun way to hang out with gardeners and growers.

Monday, Sept 14 // Central Pod Opens // PCDA Office
Stop in Monday, Sept 14 from 10:00 am to Noon and check out Central Pod. This rent-able podcasting and product photography room is for those
small businesses seeking to grow their market and recruit new customers.

Wed, Sept 16 // Doing Business with the State of OK// Virtual & City Central
Seeking new clients? Customers? The State of Oklahoma may be looking for your products or services. Find out how to align your business with the state and acquire those new customers. 10:00 to 2:00 pm. See flyer below to register.

Tuesday, Sept 22 // Ponca Works Job Fair // University Center Parking Lot
11 am to 3 pm. Come dressed to interview. Bring resumes and references.
Be ready to fill out applications.

Wed, October 7 // 1 Million Cups // Pioneer Technology Center
8:30 am in the Seminar Room. Listen to a local business story and share a cup of joe with local businesses and support services.

WALKTOBER is right around the corner. Get your five person team together and get signed up. Step into October with a goal and pep in your step. This is the sixth year for Walktober and you know you wanna.

Challenge Runner keeps track of your steps and has a conversion chart for all the other activities (gardening, cleaning house, etc...). We even heard a rumor that your electronic counting devices will sync with it. And their might be prizes and even t-shirts. So wear your walking/running/hiking shoes proudly during Walktober in Ponca City!
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