Weekly Update October 23, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
WHILE WE’RE AT IT…keep reading for a story about a net drop in new projects this week which isn’t great news, obviously, but it’s part of the rhythm of the economy. Some weeks are good, some not so much. This week was not bad news for job seekers in Ponca City. You may have seen the story in last Saturday’s Ponca City News about Dorada trying to hire people. So is Albertsons. So is Garaga. So are most restaurants in town. So are… get the point. A PCDA staffer last Saturday was waiting in a long line. A person in front of said staffer told the clerk that they needed to hire more people. When said clerk said, “We’re trying!” the customer did not believe the clerk and said “Should be easy…There are no jobs in this town.” Well the PCDA staff person could not keep quiet and directed said customer to a rack that had the Ponca City News and the aforementioned story about Dorada hiring and also suggested that they consider the other companies also aforementioned.

The clerk jumped in and said “I know…I walked in here and was hired on the spot!” and proceeded to talk about what a good job it was. Americans are not in the habit these days of conceding any argument so the customer just grumbled and walked out of the store. The moral of the story is that there are still people who have outdated views on the Ponca City economy. This usually is a case of “I’m doing fine….it’s the guy down the street that I assume is not” without really knowing the situation of the guy down the street. So, getting the bad news along with the good news, is all part of knowing what is really going on. We are glad to share all the information, so do not hesitate to call or email. It is kind of our thing: economically speaking.
Just to underscore jobs available, there will be a drive thru job fair next Wednesday in the City Central parking lot from 1 to 3 pm on the west side of the building. Find out more about jobs available here in Ponca City; because they are here. Now. Right now.
THIS SATURDAY & SUNDAY... The Wildcat Theatre Company presents their production of Antigone in the City Central Courtyard. Tickets are available at for reserved seating. For the second tier and general admission, bring your own chairs and get ready for Fabulous Fall outdoor theater.
Keep your packages safe by choosing "Pick up" at Amazon checkout. Choose the City Central Location and we will keep your packages safe until you pick them up at no extra charge.

Open 10 to 6 Mon-Fri at City Central Link #8.
Growth or Sustainability - Traffic sign with two options - deciding between economical and financial progress and responsibility to nature and environment. Prosperity and development vs future
THE BAD WITH THE GOOD…A lot of people who read things like this from organizations such as PCDA assume that we only talk about sunshine and roses. Since we spend time teasing you about projects that are looking at Ponca City, it is important that we bring full disclosure to the table and give you the other side of the story. PCDA had been working over the summer on a larger project (which to us is north of 100 jobs). In addition to everything else they asked, they wanted to know about dairy farms in the area. It didn’t take a political campaign fact checker to spot that we had an uphill battle with this one. We found out this week that we were knocked off the short list. In addition, there was a 50 job project that started before the pandemic, went dark during the lockdown, and started up again last month. We heard yesterday that they had eliminated all Oklahoma sites they were considering from their list so…well shoot. Mind you, we still have ten open projects and two open leads. This week, however, saw a net loss with two projects closing and no new ones opened up.

Halo, a purebred Australian shepherd with a very playful attitude, came to Garrett Bowers family a little over nine years ago. Originally he was Garrett and his son HB's dog, and Garrett reluctantly allowed HB (as a nine year old at the time) to name the puppy Halo...(after his favorite video game). Halo enjoy three years on their ranch in Burbank, OK before moving into town with the family.
He started coming to work with Garrett about a year ago and has been a huge help with all the daily chaos and fast-paced operations in the office. Halo has become everyone's dog here in the office while maintaining a stress-free work environment for all of us. Each morning, Halo wakes and waits for Garrett by the door to head into work.
Halo gets extra exercise walking with Garrett around the yard, running upstairs and riding around from job-to-job. He has a side-kick/ brother at home named Hambone who came from the Humane Society as a rescue. Maybe one day Halo will share his work time with Hambone, but for now, he is the boss’s sidekick and everyone’s buddy at Bowers Trucking and Logistics.
CAPITAL INVESTMENT.....A few months ago, Precision Tool & Die bought their adjoining property which was once home of Beaver Express. Since the purchase, Precision Tool & Die has invested heavily in the rebuilding of the facility. The rebuild includes a new drive between Precision and the new building as well as a new concrete ramp. After completion of these projects, this building will become Precision's new shipping facility.
Friday, October 23 // Dine Downtown // Central Fare
Noon to 1:00 bring your lunch or order for delivery to Central Fare.
Hang out with your friends outside in the lovely downtown area.
So many lunch possibilities!

Friday-Sat-Sun October 24-25 // Antigone // Wildcat Theatre Co
The PoHi Wildcat Theatre Co. once again is presenting theatre in the Courtyard. You will not want to miss "Antigone" Sat evening and Sunday afternoon. Ticket information at

Tuesday, October 27 // Labor Law for Construction Industry // Online
See the flyer below for more information. Deadline to RSVP for this program is October 23, 2020. #JustAskDawn for more information on this and other Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network (OBAN) programs.

Thursday, October 29 // Retail Institute // Gravity Room
Pioneer Technology Center Business Services is offering a best practices workshop for online, storefront and holiday sales. See flyer below for the details.

Thursday, October 29 // NOC Outdoor Concert // City Central Courtyard
Northern Oklahoma College will be giving an outdoor concert in the City Central Courtyard at 4:00 pm this day. Bring chairs and snacks and
enjoy some music at dusk.

Saturday, October 31 // Rodeo Grounds is the place to be // Flyers below
See the flyers below for more information. Cowboy Polo Tournament starts at noon and the Trunk or Treats begin at 5 pm. See you at the Rodeo Grounds.

Tuesday, Nov 3 // 2020 General Election // 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Make sure you get out and vote at your polling place or
get your absentee ballots sent in now. Your vote counts!

Is your business ready to start the new year right? Recruit new customers? Invigorate existing customers? B2B? New product lines? PCDA can assist with gathering the information you need, qualifying and quantifying your customer base: both existing and new. Take a few minutes and fill out this information sheet and give Kat a call 580-761-3028 to kickstart your sales/marketing for 2021. Let's leave 2020 behind starting now! Retailers, scroll down to check out the flyer on Retail Institute happening next Thursday.
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