Weekly Update October 2, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
PARADIGMS…we find ourselves in October and the world does not look like what we are used to seeing at this time of year. The NBA Finals are taking place now, not June. OU is in last place in the Big 12 conference standings. Mexico closed it’s borders to US this summer. There was more battle in Tuesday’s Presidential debate then there was in Monday’s Stanley Cup hockey final game (which also takes place in early June in a normal year). Kids actually want to physically be in school. The sharing economy has at least hit a pause button if not shifted considerably and the list goes on. Obviously, we’re dealing with a lot right now and the economy is certainly no exception.

This is not likely the significant change to the economy that the advancement of technology brought (and still brings) and a lot of things will probably settle back to previous levels. Some things, however, have changed and are not likely to shift back soon. This is because the pandemic has exposed fault lines in the calculation of risk in the global economy. Business doesn’t like risk because risk drives away money, or makes it cost a lot more. Many businesses are looking to tighten up their supply chains. PCDA has seen a definite uptick in leads although its too soon to say whether or not these are companies kicking tires or legitimately seeking new locations.

What does seem apparent, however, is that the rush to urban areas has slowed if not reversed. Companies are looking beyond just available workforce to stability, cost, utility infrastructure and the right building. They also want communities that have a strong and modern fiber backbone (check), good healthcare (check) good schools (check), good housing options (not so much) and workforce (which has a very bright line relationship to available housing options). As you can see from this list, Ponca City has a lot to offer and work to do in other areas.
THE FALL JOB FAIR was well attended and Ponca Works is hoping to get updates from the companies on possible hires. These companies still have openings, so if you are wanting/needing a job, now is an excellent time to dress for the part, get your information together (for the last 10 years (jobs and school) and go fill out some applications.
Keep your packages safe by choosing "Pick up" at Amazon checkout. Choose the City Central Location and we will keep your packages safe until you pick them up at no extra charge. Open 10 to 6 Mon-Fri.
City Central is currently booking for 2021: meetings, conferences, trainings and parties. Yes, there is still a limit on capacity, but we are booking: The Summit (pictured above), 3C, Leverage, The Balcony and The Link Lobby.
Pictures & more info at City Central PC.
Staff were excited this week to uncover some under-the-radar manufacturing going on in Ponca City. Excited and delighted because this is where opportunity lives: someone making an in-demand product needing more employees or growth assistance. Hopefully, more information to come from this little company.

For now, please call Laurence in our office if you need to do some networking in the manufacturing world; need skills training for your employees or are wanting to grow your manufacturing/industry business. PCDA is here to assist and we know people and programs. And our assistance is free. Ponca City has many resources and PCDA staff chat with many of them at least once a week. But we have to know your business exists, so pick up the phone and call 580-761-7071 or email
Wed, October 7 // 1 Million Cups // Pioneer Technology Center
8:30 am in the Seminar Room. Listen to a local business story and share a cup of joe with local businesses and support services.

Thursday, October 8 // PCDA Regular Board Meeting // The Summit
Meeting begins at 7:30 am in the Summit conference space.
Masks are requested to be worn when entering & around the City Central Building.

Thursday, October 8 // IENetwork Meet-up // The Link Lobby
5:30 pm. Interested in patents, trademarks, product development
or getting a business started? Now is the time.

Friday, October 23 // Dine Downtown // Central Fare
Noon to 1:00 bring your lunch or order for delivery to Central Fare.
Hang out with your friends outside in the lovely downtown area.
So many lunch possibilities!

Friday-Sat-Sun October 23-25 // Antigone // Wildcat Theatre Co
The PoHi Wildcat Theatre Co. once again is presenting theatre in the Courtyard. You will not want to miss "Antigone" Fri & Sat evening and Sunday afternoon. Ticket information available soon.

IENetwork is welcoming back Patent Attorney Chad Hinrichs Thursday, October 8th at 5:30 pm. If you are interested in zooming in for this presentation, please click on this link and get signed up. Presentation will be recorded.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Is your small company growing? Looking at expansion? Hiring more people? Buying a building? Investing in equipment? Welcome to the Phase II Pitch-off. Think "Shark Tank" for Ponca CIty companies. The criteria for Phase II includes a five-minute pitch to three judges and up to a 15 minute Q&A period after the pitch when the judges ask questions to clarify any pitch point of the company. During the pitch, the business representative(s) will need to cohesively present their business proposition, uses and needs for a $10,000 line-of-credit, a Profit & Loss statement and written overview. These materials will be submitted the week prior to the Pitch date of November 10th and distributed to the judges participating. The judges will be zooming in to hear these pitches. More criteria and information can be found here. Come on! You know you wanna. Former Small Business Pitch-off contestants are encouraged to participate.
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