Weekly Update November 20, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
GOING ONCE…GOING TWICE…on Tuesday of this week, the building that used to house Smith Bits went on the auction block. The high bidder wasn’t very high and it remains to be seen if the company (Schlumberger) accepts it and sells the building. This was one of those auctions with a double secret amount that the bidders did not know…other than to know there was a double secret minimum amount the company wanted to sell the building. Since this amount is still unknown, we wait. PCDA was asked by more than one person if companies were waiting for that building to become available and we had to answer “no.” Companies come to Ponca City looking for a building. If we have it, we do business. If we don’t, they say “bye!” and look for such a building elsewhere. They do not say “Okay, I’ll wait…I’m super patient so when you have what I want, give me a call.” PCDA does not know the identity of the person, place or thing that provided the high bid, as they were bidding online. It would be fair to ask “What happens if the company does not accept this bid?” and it would be honest for PCDA to answer “We don’t know.” This is 2020, and nothing is easy.
MJ&H Fabrication

Everyone meet Miley, one of the office dogs at M J & H Fabrication. Miley is a 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has been a part of the family since she was just a puppy. She started coming to work a few years ago and hasn’t missed a day since, except for the days she gets pampered at the groomers.

Every morning she makes her rounds saying hello to everybody in the office. She spends most of her day laying in her doggie bed on Courtney’s desk, waiting for someone to stop in to give her some snuggles. Old age hasn’t stopped her from walking to the mailbox every day to check the mail or running away from the sound of a stapler being used (she’s terrified of staplers) or heading to someone’s office when she hears the crinkle of a chip bag (she loves any snacks she can get). She’s been a great addition to the M J & H Family.
Hand drawn Happy Thanksgiving typography poster. Celebration text with harvest food and leaves for banner_ postcard_ icon or badge. Vintage style calligraphy lettering
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIND OF.....This is the time of year, and this newsletter, when PCDA wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving with the family, safe travels and announces this is your last Weekly Update for November (PCDA office is closed next Friday for Thanksgiving). Well, staff still wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. And we hope your family stays safe and healthy. It's the safe traveling part we really can't say with any kind of enthusiasm. So we will say, be safe. Travel if you must, but remember to be safe in this time of COVID. Please wear your masks.

This being the last weekly update for November means we, all of us, are one step closer to wishing this somewhat disappointing year of 2020, a non-lamented departure. Hurrah! Make sure to check out Upcoming Events below for the PPP and SBA loan webinar on November 30th (keep reading) and let the Christmas decorating begin!
City Central Elevators' Christmas Decor
This time in our economy and businesses, things are uncertain; resources are tight. There are more regulations and you learn how to do more with less people. This is the time when we cry workforce, and the crowds cheer. Business needs a good solution; a new strategy. We need students who want to want to do the jobs that need to be done in the places that they need to be done in.

Our economy has lost about 10 million jobs from the pandemic and the majority of those are from the service industry. How can we grab the attention and the passion of those individuals? Now many of you reading this may just gruffly scowl and mutter that a job should be more than enough motivation - steady work and a paycheck, these are the things that motivate you and should motivate everyone the same. But as we have learned over the generations, motivations are different. Work needs to be something that fulfills a young person, makes them proud, allows them to have the life balance they crave.

Our friends over at the Oklahoma Works office have a program which helps place youth (think non-student ages 16-24) in jobs – the benefit to you (the employer) is that THEY PAY. Yes, you heard correctly: A work program funded through the feds: The student benefits from work experience and the employer benefits from 13 weeks (full time, more for part time) of training a new employee. There are other legalities, like work comp insurance coverage, and there are some qualifications to the youth to be accepted into the program, but Ponca Works can make the connection to the program director to help answer those.

So call me, Liz, today to get your name on the interested list for this phenomenal program and let’s start bringing our workforce up to speed one person at a time. 580-765-7070 or email
November 26 &27 //PCDA Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
No Weekly Update during holiday. No tears. You will be fine.

November 30 // PPP Paperwork Prep & SBA Loan Webinar // Online
3:00 to 4:00 pm. OKSBDC Advisors go through the paperwork of receiving and reporting the PPP and SBA Loans for 2020. Register for this free program here.

Wed, Dec 2 // 1 Million Cups // Pioneer Tech Seminar Room
Do some networking and hear the Nicholson Auction business story at 8:30 am.
Bring your own coffee cup because, hey, COVID.

December 3 & 4 // dare to lead // City Central 8:30 to 4 pm
This two day workshop is designed to support leader agility,
team effectiveness and culture change. Register here.

POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY 15-24 // Of Mice and Men // Ponca Playhouse

SHOP SMALL! There's this day after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday, called Small Business Saturday. American Express started this campaign back in 2010 and it has been celebrated by small towns and Main Street shops every year since.

Small businesses give back to the community. When you, the consumer, spend money in your neighborhood, your sales tax stays in in your neighborhood helping to fund public education, parks, street improvements, police, fire and other emergency services. Support your community by shopping small on Saturday, November 28th this year!
More Information
November 20th - Local Artists
1:00 to 4:00 pm ON GRAND
Call Doodle Academy for location if raining.