Weekly Update March 19, 2021

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
THE WORLD VIEW..…Earlier this week, PCDA took part in what was billed as a “Leadership Summit” of economic development organizations from around the world. This was a virtual meeting, meaning everyone zoomed in, that was hosted by the International Economic Development Council to discuss the impacts of the pandemic, what has changed, what may change and more. One of the things that was very obvious is that urban communities and those in more rural areas such as Ponca City, live and have lived in different worlds. It’s a generalization but those involved in economic development in urban areas generally spend their time managing resources and work to leverage those resources to make even more happen. They spend their time with CEOs and tend to talk about workforce in terms of training programs.

Those outside the urban core, however, spend their time developing resources. Country folk also like to get into the ditch with company managers and their employees. Workforce is about finding people, not programs. The urban folks, especially those on the coasts, clearly have had more challenges over the past year and we are confident you know all about that. From lockdowns, which in the case of California just began to ease a little last weekend, to civil unrest, to people looking to get away from high density populations, it's been a challenge for our city friends. It was certainly clear from the conversations that Ponca City weathered the past year much better than most. It is also equally clear that future success will come to those who are proactive and are prepared. One speaker paraphrased hockey great Wayne Gretzky’s famous line “I don’t skate to the puck. I skate to where the puck is going to be” in making the point that strong economies don’t just happen, they are built…and they are built on positive action.
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Local businesses and manufacturers interested in working with Department of Defense need to make time for this free cyber security program in April. Hosted at City Central by PCDA and Pioneer Technology Center, get signed up here for the April 14th program. Lunch is included. See flyer below for presentation information.
Garaga is hosting a drive thru job fair next week on Thursday, March 25th. It is more like a hiring event as there will be managers taking applications and conducting interviews in the parking lot. Come be part of the story. Check out the flyer below for more details. Hiring for first, second and weekend shifts. Weekends people. Great way for someone who can only work weekends to get a great job.
Feb & March // Save those Receipts // Ponca City Chamber Office
Save your Ponca City receipts and take them to the Chamber office at the corner of Fifth and Grand the entire month of February and March.
Winners will be announced in April .

Wed April 14 // Cybersecurity Training // City Central 9 to 4 pm
Sign-up with these links: April 14: Register Here

Thursday, March 25 // Small Business Help Desk // City Central Link
8:00 to 11:00 am Ben Evans from Pioneer Tech Business Services and Oklahoma Small Business Development Center will be at the PTech Desk in The LInk, First Floor.
Ben is a great resource for all things small business

Wed, March 31 // Prepare to meet your Gov't Customer // City Central
Government contracting program. Getting your business pitch together and your information sheet finalized. #JustAskDawn 580-718-4261

Friday, June 11 // Business Plan Pitch Off // City Central 9:00 am
Must have business plan submitted by 8:00 am on Tuesday, June 1
See information sheet below.

Training exercise from one of Corbin Dewitt's leadership trainings
at Pioneer Technology Center.
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