Weekly Update June 26, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
Resiliency and Sustainability …all month we’ve been telling you about PCDA’s “Forward Together” plan, an outline about what PCDA plans to do to make sure that Ponca City is a net winner from the changes brought on by the current pandemic. There are, to be sure, things that would really help the economic growth of Ponca City which are outside of PCDA’s legal and financial ability. We don’t break the law and we do balance our checkbook. Fortunately, most of these needs exist in every community so we’re not starting out at a disadvantage. Rather, these are areas that could truly give Ponca City a competitive advantage if we can address them.
Education, for example, will change. How many parents will opt for online or private schools regardless of how good the public schools and the local teachers are? (Spoiler alert: PCDA doesn’t know). How many college students will decide not to go someplace far away but will still want to participate in college classes in real time? (cue the University Center commercial). Ponca City has excellent local schools and other outstanding educational resources through the Ponca City School system, Pioneer Technology Center, the University Center and Northern Oklahoma College. We don’t know what the changes will look like, but we encourage you to think in terms of the opportunity change may bring. Likewise, in the health care field, the continued success of our health care facilities and professionals is vital to community growth. If there was ever a need for a “buy local” program for your health care needs, this is it. These folks proved themselves in spectacular fashion over the last several months. They deserve our support…and they have earned it.
In addition, the community that solves the child-care challenge is the community that will become the next big thing. The need in Ponca City is well documented. In short, if you need care during the day, you can probably find a provider. If you need care in the evenings, overnight, on the weekend or even for an infant, the problem becomes more challenging. PCDA does not have the solution for this (or the legal authority to operate a child-care facility) but we have been doing a lot to encourage conversations in search of answers. Flexible thinking will be required, as it will to continue to address the ongoing need for new housing. People are not just looking for an available house or a room. They want a home, and we need to have options for them because they have options elsewhere.
These past few months have reminded us of the need to be prepared in the event of, well, events. As a community, Ponca City is working through this pandemic, at least for now, probably better than most communities. We’ve gotten pretty good at getting through a crisis. That is, of course, a good thing but it is equally important to note that the dust has not settled yet on COVID-19. Being prepared to get through this challenge, as well as getting through potential future events remains important. This is true for any community. What is not true for every community is the demonstrable ability to always land on our feet. We got that covered.
PCDA concludes this series with a note of thanks. We thank the medical community for all they are doing during this pandemic. We thank the police, fire, paramedics and all of the first-responders. We thank the people who are working on the front lines throughout, whether at grocery, hardware, general purpose or other essential stores, drive thrus, restaurant carry outs, banks, internet providers, postal workers, the Fedex and UPS people and utilities. We thank the men and women who, day in day out, continue to operate Ponca City’s great industrial machine that continues to serve the world while paying Ponca City’s bills. We have the right people in the right place at the right time in the areas of leadership of the hospital, the city, the county, the school districts, the chamber, the tribes, the state, Ponca City’s business community and our educational institutions. They, too, remain at their posts, without fanfare, to keep Ponca City running. The list goes on and on and we apologize for the obvious omissions space limitations create.
Thanks to all of these people and more, here we stand. Economic development is about people. It’s about community. It’s about what we can do together and our ability to control our own future. Happy Independence Day, Ponca City. Working together we move Forward Together.
GROUP SPORT...... you may have noticed the "Forward Together" prominently placed here in your weekly update as well as in other marquis locations. Here's why: economic development is a group sport. Announced this week was the Central Fare project on the west side of City Central. And here is another announcement: Central Fare received a community investment grant from Phillips 66 this week for $15,000. This will be for equipment and all the pretty necessaries. Staff does love our industries. And apparently, they love us back!

Central Fare, when completed, will be another outdoor venue for Ponca Citians to enjoy complete with tables, shades, lights and electrical for three food trucks should the event need food. Or if you are grabbing food from any of our wonderful downtown eateries, get it to go and go enjoy the day. Central Fare is schedule to be completed in late July. Thank you Phillips 66!
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GIRL POWER!.... .happened last week with some returning campers. And it was amazing! Thirsty plants, chemical reactions, physical distancing and just being able to be around friends not seen for a few months. Staff enjoyed the afternoon camp as well!

Wed, July 1 //1 Million Cups // Pioneer Tech Seminar Room
Redlands Office Solutions, a Native owned company tells their business story.
With Coffee. Come support a local company. With Coffee.

Friday, July 3 // Fourth of July // PCDA office closed
Have a safe and happy celebration of our
Nation's Birthday!

Saturday, July 4 // Fourth of July // Celebrate your Freedom
Kay County Census Car & Truck will be in the Tonkawa Fourth of July Parade at Noon on Grand Street in Tonkawa. THere will be candy!
Starts at Noon

Thursday, July 9 // PCDA Regular Board Meeting // 7:30 am
PCDA Board of Trustees will meet in the Summit Conference Center at City Central
for their regular board meeting. The might be coffee.

Thursday, July 9// IENetwork // The Link Meeting Room - City Central
Do you have a product? An idea? A concept? Want to know what to do with it? Come have your product/idea/concept brainstormed with our group.
Absolutely Confidential! Absolutely Free!
5:30 to 7:00 pm

Saturday, July 11 // "Grand Prom 2020" // 7:00 pm
Come outside on Grand downtown and celebrate PoHi Prom: On Grand.
Starts at the East corner of City Hall.

CONGRATULATIONS! PCDA staff attended a ribbon cutting at Highway 60 Tire & Service this week. And it was great for us to see all our community peeps we had been missing! The turnout was amazing so we know we were in good company waving and smiling at everyone. This is an expansion for Highway 60 Tire & Services and we are so grateful for our industrious Chamber of Commerce and their ability to tote those big scissors. And yes, that is Garrett Bowers holding their first dollar plaque.
Identifying & Finding Your Customer
Every business needs customers. Learn how to identify what your "best" customer looks like and where to find them. Using free resources, available to anyone in the community. This class has been condensed into a 30 minute one-on-one session.

Email or call 580-761-3028 to get the worksheet and set up a time to identify and find your next, best customer(s).
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