Weekly Update June 19, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
IGNITE …Without question, the area that gets the most media attention in the economic development world is in the area of attraction or recruitment. Everyone wants an “announcement.” Recruitment of industry, you may be surprised to hear, represents about only 3% of new jobs created across the nation. In Ponca City, that number represents about 10% of new jobs since 2003. The reason it gets so much attention is the media and the public like to be presented with nice, neat, little news nuggets wrapped up ever so pretty. The reality is almost always far different. Recruitment, however, does provide a jump start for local economies and is vital as a tool for economic diversification. That’s why economic development pays so much attention to it in spite of the relatively low percentage of new jobs that come from recruitment. It represents new investment, new ideas, often new people (who do not show up as a group and march into town on a single, specific, bright and sunny day looking for houses, banks and insurance agents) and new energy. It’s also important because existing businesses do go out of business from time to time and a community needs new companies to come in to grow and replace the old.
In this brave new world, the recruitment process is very likely to change, and it will probably change for the better for communities like Ponca City. Companies and site selection consultants, who as recently as February were laser focused on areas that offered huge crowds of people as a potential workforce, are now beginning to look beyond urban areas to communities that have things like fast internet speeds, good health care AND a less densely populated physical environment. The way they look at communities and what they look for will be different. PCDA is going to seriously beef up our digital outreach by offering virtual site tours and better demographics online (hello 2020 Census). We’ll focus on targeting industries that fit into the existing Ponca City supply chain as well as companies looking to “on shore” operations in a middle of the nation location. We will also be focusing ourselves on leveraging investments that draw additional investments. Put another way, we’re going to be aggressively searching for eye candy. Finding a couple of well-placed bell cows who announce they are coming to town would be a big plus. In this changing world, however, this is going to take more in terms of incentives, creativity, workforce training options, etc. Finally, and this is a summary, mind you, we’ll be looking for areas that we can leverage existing resources, call it a match if you want, to attract investment into Ponca City in a variety of areas that make the community a more attractive place, and a community that moves Forward Together.
IGNITING FORWARD TOGETHER...... you may have noticed the "Forward Together" prominently placed here in your weekly update as well as in other marquis locations. Here's why: economic development is a group sport. It only can be done with community support and a forward movement. Looking back is not an option. Creating the future in front of us is the quest: bringing along all of Ponca CIty together to this glorious future is the goal. Forward. Together. Keep that in mind as different groups reach out to others (think education, government, non-profits, businesses, industry, retail) to create this future.

Because face it: the past is the past. We pay homage. We as Ponca Citians always remember where and who we came from. Historical coolness is still coolness. And we will continue to embrace our icons; our heroes; our history. But from a future that continues to be crafted and created. Enjoy your creations.
We are.
PCDA "Paint by number community mural" South side of City Central.
"Watch Out" Mural on Speak Now Productions bldg between 2nd & 3rd
It's not too late! Fill out your 2020 Census form.
Enter your home address and complete
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SUPPLY CHAINS..... were the topic of conversation this week. Where are supplies coming from? (yes, China was discussed) Who is having trouble getting what? (specifically in Ponca CIty) How can industry and PCDA make this better? You, dear reader, may not know how many "things" are created in Ponca City. But PCDA knows. And we have a list. And we check it twice. Sometimes twice a day.

If you would like to see that list, just follow this link to our Manufacturer's Online Resource Guide. See all the things made in Ponca City. And why supply chains really do make our world go round. Or keep spinning. The two pictures represent important conversations happening in relation to supply chains: Artificial Intelligence and automation in the manufacturing world and workforce recruitment.
FOCUS ON YOUR SKILLS.... .rewrite your resume. Don't have a resume? Well, you should. Keep reading to find out more.....
Resume Score words on a report card in a yellow envelope with A Plus grade to illustrate the best or top job candidate or applicant

Wed, June 24 // HR Handbooks// Ponca Chamber Lunch & Learn
11:30 to 1:30 pm at Pioneer Tech, Seminar Center East.
$10 includes catered lunch. Register @580.765.4400
Workshop for creating a HR Handbook tailored for your business.

Wed, July 1 //1 Million Cups // Pioneer Tech Seminar Room
Redlands Office Solutions, a Native owned company tells their business story.
With Coffee. Come support a local company. With Coffee.

Friday, July 3 // Fourth of July // PCDA office closed
Have a safe and happy celebration of our
Nation's Birthday!

Saturday, July 4 // Fourth of July // Celebrate your Freedom
Kay County Census Car & Truck will be in the Tonkawa Fourth of July Parade at Noon on Grand Street in Tonkawa. THere will be candy!
Starts at Noon

Thursday, July 9// IENetwork // The Link Meeting Room - City Central
Do you have a product? An idea? A concept? Want to know what to do with it? Come have your product/idea/concept brainstormed with our group.
Absolutely Confidential! Absolutely Free!
5:30 to 7:00 pm

CONGRATULATIONS! to one of our favorite partners as they broke ground on their new addition this week. PTech will be adding nearly 21,000 square feet in the form of a new Culinary Arts program addition and a multi-functional space serving as a Conference Center and the campus Severe Weather Refuge! Check out the video they posted of the groundbreaking and follow them on FB for all the things!
Identifying & Finding Your Customer
Every business needs customers. Learn how to identify what your "best" customer looks like and where to find them. Using free resources, available to anyone in the community. This class has been condensed into a 30 minute one-on-one session.

Email or call 580-761-3028 to get the worksheet and set up a time to identify and find your next, best customer(s).
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