Weekly Update July 31, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority

KNUCKELHEADEDNESS… PCDA has noticed stories popping up that go something like this: “Companies that took Payroll Protection Program money laid people off anyway. ” Please understand that PCDA understands and fully supports the accountability of public dollars…we live with that absolute imperative every day. But you need to measure the right thing. The PPP, as it is known, was never about preventing all layoffs. It was about saving jobs. You may think that is the same thing but bear with us. There is a big difference between the impossible goal of preventing all layoffs during a time when businesses were being forced to close or had to cut back due supply chain disruptions, and the possible goal of saving as many jobs as possible. If those same articles had focused on how many jobs the PPP had saved, rather than on whether or not there were layoffs, the stories would have looked completely different.

In addition, if a company received PPP funds and did not do what the company said they would do, then the company has to pay the PPP back. Remember, too, that the PPP was put together quickly (as were several other state and federal programs during this pandemic) due to an overwhelming demand on the part of the business community, labor unions and the public to do something. The PPP has had a very big and positive impact on the Ponca City economy, even if it was not 100% perfect. PCDA wants to thank the numerous people at the state and federal level that took risks to make a difference in the economy during this unprecedented time. In a situation such as the current pandemic, letting perfect be the enemy of the good, leads to doing nothing. The cheap seats like to do Monday morning quarterbacking and we understand that. It is up to the rest of us, however, to put these knucklehead stories into the right context.

It's not too late! Fill out your 2020 Census form at
Enter your home address and complete

Time to get creative grabbing people's attention to fill out the 2020 Census form. This is Corie Wells, a Census specialist in Woodward talking Census at the Chicken Ranch Auction last week. We love out-of-the-box thinking. Have you filled out your 2020 Census form? Census takers start knocking on doors this week.

PCDA is proud to announce our latest PCDAer Tristen Starkey has been accepted into the Ponca City Leadership Program for the 2020-2021 year.

Getting into Leadership each year means having the support of your employer (Of Course!), filling out the application and penning Why you would be an awesome candidate for Leadership as well as the interview and the absolute hardest part, the waiting to find out! Congratulation Tristen! We know you will learn lots and lead well.
THE GLOBE THEATER…PONCA CITY STYLE …Last weekend, The Wildcat Theatre Company of Ponca City High School staged Ken Ludwig's adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” in the courtyard of City Central. It is not a good idea to have indoor events right now so the high school was looking for a venue. At the same time, there have not been any business conferences at City Central in a long while, so the performers were able to rehearse and store their sets in the Summit over the last three weeks.

The natural slopes and bowl of the courtyard also made it a good outdoor theater. PCDA is not going to play critic of the play (but if you missed it…you really missed it because it was that good). We just want to make sure you know that the high school and numerous other local organizations are still active and still need our support. Community building during a time of pandemic is even more important. It is another element of Ponca City moving Forward Together.

Thursday, Aug 13 // IENetwork // The Link 5:30 pm
Calling all inventors and product developers. If you have questions about provisional patents, marketing your product or just want to chat
with other inventors, this is your time. City Central in The Link.

Aug 18-20// Virtual ICBS Government Contracting Conference
See Flyer below for more information and to sign up. Call Dawn Brakey for assistance and information on how this conference can find you new customers.

Wed, August 19 // First day of Ponca CIty Schools // Summer over
Whether you child is heading to a brick and mortar building or attending virtually, we hope all the students have a great school year.

Wed, Sept 2// 1 Million Cups// Pioneer Technology Center 8:30 am
We have the coffee and the business story.
You get to come and network with your business community.
Bring a friend. There is plenty of coffee and small business.

Monday, Sept 7 // Labor Day // PCDA Office Closed

Party at the Palace has been canceled for this year due to COVID-19.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ( TCJA ) of 2017 has recently increased two powerful incentives for companies considering investments in manufacturing technology.

First, the law permanently expanded Sec. 179 expensing, a tax provision that permits businesses to deduct the cost of equipment they finance, lease, or purchase in the same year. Then, the TCJA raised the maximum Sec. 179 deduction to one million from $500,000 for total purchases up to $2.5 million, an increase from two million. Sec. 179 is often referred to as “small business” expensing because of the spending limits.

New job postings are being added each day to the Ponca Works job board. Looking for a new J-O-B or a career? Make sure you go take a look.....
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