Weekly Update July 26, 2019

THE ROLE OF OIL...both in Ponca City and around the world is changing. Witness recent global events. The UK seized an Iranian tanked in the Med. The Iranians retaliated and seized a British ship in the Gulf. No one was happy. Sabers were rattles. Tensions rose throughout the Middle East. Oil, however, did not skyrocket. Hmmmm...this is different. With the U.S. becoming the leading producer of crude (source: U.S. Energy Administration Information or EIA) and our friends in Canada not far behind, events that used to cause oil to skyrocket just don't have the same impact. This makes the business, how shall PCDA say this, more business-like. When the markets used to react with panic and rampant speculation instead of investment grade decision making, it was felt in oil communities in different ways. This was both good and bad for oil towns but few would argue that a more sane system is better in the long run. As far as the oil town thing is concerned, Ponca City now has about 25% of our primary employment (jobs that export a product and import money back) in oil and natural gas jobs. This is down from about 65% in 1990. That's diversification and that, too, is good. So we've insulated ourselves (as much as one can) from the ups and downs of the global oil market just in time for the world oil market to become more stabilized. It should be obvious to all that the world market was simply following Ponca City's lead.

MARKETING AND PROJECT BLUE SKY.. .we briefly mentioned last week that PCDA participated in something called the "Governor's Economic Development Marketing Team." This is an economic development team of communities and agencies that support the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in marketing the state with the specific goal of getting companies interested in coming here. About forty members of said team, including Ponca City, Blackwell and others, gathered last week in Gore to discuss plans for the upcoming year. The team was joined by Lite Guv Matt Pinnell (pictured below, right) who has been working on some branding of his own. "Project Blue Sky" is a project of Mr. Pinnell to help develop a word picture of Oklahoma that will help the state sell itself for workforce, investment, tourism and business attraction. As he told the team "this is not about license plates." Apparently, some members of the media fixated on that and thus reported. The project features a web-based questionnaire about your thoughts on the state. There were also a few phone interviews conducted in the last month. The Lieutenant Governor gave the team the results so far and urged anyone and everyone to take the web-based survey. So that's what we're doing. We're asking you to take the survey by visiting

ROAD SHOW...PCDA was on the road in Louisville, KY this week with Log10, a Ponca City-based food testing company (they do other stuff, too). Log10 was at the International Association of Food Protection (below, left) because Log10 is really, really good at making sure food is safe. PCDA was with them to a) help Log10 and b) "sell" Ponca City as a great, central North American location for companies that might need to locate by a food testing company that is really, really good at what they do.
Tuesday, July 30//Business on the Balcony// 7:00 am
Get some business networking done while eating some breakfast on the PCDA Balcony at City Central. Great way to meet business owners and employees;
Find out about community resources to grow your business.

Fri, Aug 2, 9//Yoga in the Courtyard// 7:00 am
Join us for Yoga in the City Central courtyard to finish out the week with a deep breath and a smile on your face. Flyer with next two months below.

Fri, Aug 2//Crazy Days Street Party// 5-9:30 pm
Get ready for the end of summer with a Crazy Days street party on Grand and the Veteran's Plaza. Crazy Days deals will be happening all over town,
so make time to check out shops in Downtown Ponca CIty.

Thu, Aug 8//PCDA Monthly Board Meeting// 7:30 am
Can't get enough PCDA? The monthly board meeting is open to the public and is held in the Gravity Room of City central. Parking is free!

Fri, Aug 9//Movie in the Courtyard// 8:30 pm
Gather your family and friends for our last baseball movie of the summer "A League of Their Own" in the City Central Courtyard.

Contact the Ponca City Area Chamber of Commerce for your tickets to Party at the Palace!

Call 580-765-4400


If you are in need of a conference location, or know someone who is, City Central could be just right for you! If you are seeking a co-work center where you can meet, drink coffee, collaborate, surf the web and become more productive, City Central has that too!

Office leases at both City Central and the Equity Bank building at 3rd and Grand are available. If you or a company you know that is outside Ponca City are looking for a great downtown address, why wait?

Lori Henderson (City Central) - 580.765.7070
Richard Winterowd (Equity Bank) - 580.761.5610
City Central has hosted 19 different groups, organizations, companies, etc. for conferences, meetings and exhibitions since it's opening this spring. Shown above are exhibitor spaces used during a June conference. The facility offers flexibility, great connectivity and various meeting options for groups as large as 400.
Business on the Balcony Next Tuesday!
Business on the Balcony is a breakfast networking session allowing you and your business to connect with resources and other businesses. These are held in Suite 200 of the City central building the last Tuesday of each month. That means next Tuesday, July 30th! See you at 7:00 am.
There is still some summer left so the Summer Activity Guide for kids could still be useful. Get your copy at the Chamber of Commerce or the United Way office or click on this link and bookmark it to your phone for a handy-dandy guide to all the summer fun in Ponca City and Kay County.
To stay informed about events, programs and entertainment in Ponca City this fall. The Visit Ponca City website has a great calendar with all the things happening in our community. Next month in back to school and September is busy, busy, busy.
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