Weekly Update January 31, 2020

YOUR FAVORITE AWARDS SHOW!!!... The reporting about last night’s Chamber Banquet was almost too much. Who got snubbed, who didn’t? Which Business was hooked up with which supplier? Who was there that should not have been? Why wasn’t vendor A or customer B there? Who said what on the way in? Oh the intrigue! All of this, no doubt, was to mask the excitement and the mystery over who would win the Industry of the year. When K&C Manufacturing was announced as the winner there was a palatable relief that the suspense was finally, finally over. K&C, everyone now knows, has been in the Airport Industrial Park since 2016. They were honored for what they have accomplished in just a few short years. K&C was also held up as an example of industry adaptation and carving out their own niche. They were honored for their collaboration with other Ponca City companies, for the way they went after customers (nicely, honestly, but non-stop) and they were honored for figuring out how to make things work. The secret cabal that decides who the Industry of the Year award admitted, though a non-attorney spokesperson of course, that the choice was difficult. K&C was clearly deserving, the statement said, but there are a lot of companies in Ponca City that are doing similar things. Nevertheless the moral the story is that companies that create their future can (wait for it) actually make their future. Sitting back and waiting for something anything will not work. Clever concept, no?
Wednesday, Feb 5 //1MillionCups// Pioneer Tech 8:30 am
Join us in room B131 at Pioneer Technology Center for 1 Million Cups. Business presenting is the Opportunity Center and how their client culture drives their business diversity. You won't want to miss this unique business model based on a non-profit backbone. See you at 8:30 am. Networking & coffee!

Thursday, Feb. 6 //Intro to BETA.SAM.GOV// PTech Rm B131
Find out how to use the new government contracting system replacing FBO. Dawn Brakey will navigate sign up & sign in, searches, saving searches and integrating the two systems for your company. Register here or #AskDawn at 580.718.4261. Cost is $10 per person (includes lunch) 11 am - 1 pm.

Thursday, Feb 13 //IENetwork @ City Central// 5:30 pm
Join us at City Central in the 5th floor Gravity Room to hear Chad Hinrichs, Patent Attorney demystify the patent, trademark and copyright process. Yes, the patent process can cost you $10,000 but it doesn't have to. For more information or to sign up, call Kat at 580-761-3028 or email.

Tuesday, Feb. 25 //Business on the Balcony// PCDA Balcony
Business on the Balcony returns! A little networking; a little breakfast. What could be better? We will hope for a nice day to resume B on the B. Need to meet with someone? Been trying to have a 10 minute business conversation? Now is your opportunity. Breakfast provided. 7:15 to 8:30 am - City Central Suite #200.

Keeping It Local
Demeth tower leaving Ponca City last week heading to Port of Catoosa and then on to Pennsylvania. Missed seeing it heading of out town? Check out the video here.
The common areas in floors two and five are getting finished up this week. New carpets, some fresh paint and a little jazzing up. Haven't been in the building yet? What are you waiting for? Art Show & Picken's Museum display in The Link; Art Association on five and businesses throughout the building. Come to City Central. You know you wanna.

The 2020 Census is right around the corner. Postcards with information for you to fill out your 2020 Census online will start arriving at your home mid-March 2020. Nine questions for each person in the household. Nine questions to assure adequate funding for state and federal programs for our area like childcare, healthcare, school lunch programs, proper teacher/ student ratios in classrooms, Medicare & Medicaid funding. The list goes on and on.

Want to know more about how the 2020 Census affects you, Ponca City and Kay County? Call Kat for a five minute or 20 minute presentation for your group, church or organization. 580-761-3028 or email
You count for Kay County.
Upcoming Business Events
Business Plan Pitch-off
Get your Business "Pitch" ready for the 2019 Business Plan Pitch-off. Think "Shark Tank" for Ponca City. Your start up/fledgling company could be the one to receive over $5000 in prizes which includes cash for your company; marketing assistance and equipment. Not to mention space at The Link or if space is available, Pioneer Technology's Business Incubator.

Want more information? Click here and start your process to participate . Call Kat at 580-761-3028 to get to growing your business. Get out of your garage or house and Pitch your business on April 29, 2020.
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