Weekly Update January 22, 2021

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
DON’T WORRY….BE HAPPY (OR AT LEAST NOT ANGRY)…there is a lot of angst in the air these days. From the pandemic, to politics to the economy. You can’t even count on watching “the big game” as a distraction since it might have been cancelled. Some good news, at least for those of us smart enough to live in Oklahoma. On Tuesday, Best Life, a popular quality of life web site, published a list of the “angriest states.” They based their ranking on factors including Wired Magazine’s ranking of states with the most angry and hateful internet postings, trolls, “experts” whatever you want to call them. Everyone has them, nobody likes them but some places have more than others. Best Life also looked at things such as hate crimes and road rage. That we are looking and talking about states being angry may not seem like good news until you logically conclude, you smart Oklahoman you, that to rank states as to who was the angriest, you also had to figure who was the least angry.

By now, you surely have guessed that Oklahoma was the least angry state in the ranking…by a wide margin. Clever that you are, you may think that’s because of the wide use of medical marijuana. This is likely not the case, however, since Colorado, the earliest adapter, was listed as the second angriest state and Washington, who legalized cannabis when Colorado did was also in the top ten angriest. It also wasn’t political as the most angry state, Alabama, is quite red but seven of the top ten states were blue. It wasn’t geographic as all areas were equally represented. PCDA concludes that any state that has Ponca City in it must be the happiest (okay…least angry). So keep being tolerant of each other, smile, be nice and look for the good things in life. We’re in a pretty good place and we’ll get through this current upheaval moving Forward Together.
Staff were out driving in the AIP because, hey, nice days this week and did anyone else notice the mountain? Just kidding. The dirt is being moved on the runway project and Pioneer Technology Center is getting closer to a "let us in to see the new" date as well. Staff did notice a new business with Grand Opening flags. Congratulations to Kelle Repair Center on Ash.
West Wall at Pioneer Tech.
Kelle Repair on Ash is open!
Still time to sign up for the In Demand Occupation CDL and Truck Driving courses which begin on February 17 in Ponca City. Find out more here.
Who has been your favorite Dog of Industry so far?
Halo from Bowers Trucking and Logistics. Those eyes get you every time!
Remote Work
Close-up of a touchscreen with BROADBAND inscription_ new technology concept
While you may be here in Ponca because your spouse got a great gig, or you like living close to your mom - it doesn't mean the perfect job is here for you. That is why Ponca CIty has worked hard to become a place that supports remote workers. There is fiber to business, and an ever-expanding fiber to home program in place to make certain connectivity is not an issue. THere is a co-working space right here in City Central, and many neat office spaces in the downtown area. Interested in finding information on remote jobs? Check out to apply.
JANUARY 15-24 // Of Mice and Men // Ponca Playhouse
Tickets available at
Streaming option available for Saturday, Jan 23 at 7:30 pm

Wed, Jan 27// Introduction to Government Contracting // City Central

Tues, Feb 2 // Business Plan Pitch Off // Online How To Participate
Kat Long will go over the Pitch off guidelines for new pitchers. FInd out how your business can compete for $5000 in incentives and the opportunity for office or manufacturing space for one year. Send you name and phone number to to participate. or just zoom in here

March 3 & April 1 // Dare to Lead // City Central
Sign up for the dynamic and courage building leadership workshop. More information and sign up can be found in the flyer below or click here

Tues, April 6 // Business Plan Pitch Off // City Central 9:00 am
Must have business plan submitted by 8:00 am on Monday, March 29th.

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