Weekly Update Friday, February 12, 2021

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
OUR OH-SO REPRESENTATIVE STATE LEGISLATURE…began it’s 2021 session this month with the usual pep talk from Governor Stitt (aka “State of the State”). They needed the pep because there were over 3,000 bills waiting for them to eagerly debate, gather consensus, disagree agreeably and ultimately pass, defeat or ignore. Some of these bills, at least from PCDA’s viewpoint, are more equal than others. Depending upon how you count them, there are 110 bills that have economic development implications and 11 of those are more interesting than others. Among these are bills that are mirroring this most interesting year we have had. There is a bill, for example, that creates the “Remote Quality Jobs Act” (HB 2860) relative to remote working. Another bill would raise the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour (SB 161). Yet another is called the “Leave China Act” (SB 920) that, in addition to a little attitude, would provide certain tax exemptions for companies that re-shore operations. There are two bills that would create a tax credit for apprenticeships (HB 1586 & HB 2724), a growing trend that reflects the need for skilled workers.

There is a bill (SB 259) that would mandate “measurable goals” and monitoring of economic development agreements, which seems obvious and is something PCDA has been doing for 17 years, seven months and nine days so hey, have at it. PCDA cannot lobby or take positions on any of these (and others) but we can pay attention and discuss the impact with Senator Coleman, Representative Luttrell and Representative Pfeiffer who carry our area’s water so very well.
Senator Coleman, Governor Stitt, Representative Luttrell and Representative Pfeiffer.
Thank you Rep Luttrell for the picture!
Stay safe, warm and don't travel if the weather actually delivers on the dire warnings. Some cold weather tips for this next week from the Ponca City Utility Maintenance Deparment:

Get your emergency kit together: Flashlight, extra batteries, bottled water and a battery charger for your phone.

If you have a sink or bath faucet on an outer wall, open the cabinet doors and drip the faucet. If it extremely cold, do this during the day as well (think next week). To see the complete tip list, click here.

Limit time outside, even if dressed warmly. We are Oklahomans, not Michiganders!
The 9th annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest returns on February 16. Small business can apply to win up to $50,000 to help their businesses recover and grow. Past winners have used funds to develop websites, purchase new equipment, hire employees, and expand into new spaces.

PCDA extends congratulations to Ponca City's newest
City Commissioner Robert Bodick.
In case you haven't ventured downtown to eat at Jim's Jumbo Burger or Central Perk, we wanted to give you a visual of the new police station construction. This is a City Central view picture taken between the 40 mile an hour wind days and the below zero wind chill, so sometime last week. Thanks to Laurence for the awesome picture!
Are you seeking new employment? Wanting to move up at your current employer? Not sure how to showcase your job skills? These are what we in the biz call soft skills. How are you at communication? Writing and speaking? Can you clearly give directions and be understood by those around you? How do you answer the phone? Do you know the power of "Yes"?

You may be asking yourself "How do I get these skills you speak of?" Training is the usual answer. Check out our partners at Pioneer Technology Center Business Services. Classes on management skills (Manager's Toolbelt) and Leadership training are great for individuals and employee groups and they will tailor the training. Wanting to start or grow your business? Entrepreneurial, government contracting (see flyer below) and manufacturing assistance is available today. PCDA is happy to partner with the amazing business services group at PTech. Check out this video on what they have to offer our business community.
Feb 19-21 (dates changed) // Into The Woods, Jr // Poncan Theatre
Get your tickets for this great production of Into the Woods, Jr. by the Evans Children's Academy of Performing Arts for this final weekend.

February // Save those Receipts // Ponca City Chamber Office
Save your Ponca City receipts and take them to the Chamber office at the corner of Fifth and Grand the entire month of February.
Winners will be announced next month.

March 3 & April 1 // Dare to Lead // City Central
Sign up for the dynamic and courage building leadership workshop. More information and sign up can be found in the flyer below or click here

Tues, April 6 // Business Plan Pitch Off // City Central 9:00 am
Must have business plan submitted by 8:00 am on Monday, March 29th.
See information sheet below.

Training exercise from one of Corbin Dewitt's leadership trainings
at Pioneer Technology Center.
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