Weekly Update February 7, 2020

BIG NEWS FOR CSE BLISS… First of all….this is a good news story so grab a cup of coffee, grab your CSE Bliss car flags and take in the moment. The company, which is located on Summit in Ponca City, just announced that they have been acquired by Bengal Machine out of Buffalo, New York. Bengal is the parent company of Schutte Hammermill. When Schutte saw what CSE Bliss was manufacturing, they took an “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” approach and decided to buy the company and bring them into the fold. Bengal/Schutte wanted to add CSE Bliss products to their product lines because they recognized, as hammermill people will do, that CSE Bliss products were the future. So this means bigger budget, opportunities to grow their market and all of the other good stuff that comes with someone handing you a check. The best news, of course, is that this growth and expansion is going to take place in Ponca City. Martin Berardi, CEO of Bengal Machine said many good things, the most goodest being “…look forward to seeing CSE Bliss Manufacturing continuing to flourish in Ponca City, Oklahoma.” To read the full press release, click here. Congratulations to CSE Bliss!

Tuesday, Feb 11 //Leadership Alumni Luncheon// 11:30 am
Are you a PC Leadership Alumni? Well, come and hang out with all the rest of us at PCCC. RSVP to the Chamber now at 765-4400. Relive your fun days and catch up with all the oranges, golds, greens and blues. You know who you are.

Thursday, Feb 13 //IENetwork @ City Central// 5:30 pm
Join us at City Central in the 5th floor Gravity Room to hear Chad Hinrichs, Patent Attorney demystify the patent, trademark and copyright process. Yes, the patent process can cost you $10,000 but it doesn't have to. For more information or to sign up, call Kat at 580-761-3028 or email.

Tuesday, Feb. 25 //Business on the Balcony// PCDA Balcony
Business on the Balcony returns! A little networking; a little breakfast. What could be better? We will hope for a nice day to resume B on the B. Need to meet with someone? Been trying to have a 10 minute business conversation? Now is your opportunity. Breakfast provided. 7:15 to 8:30 am - City Central Suite #200.

Friday, Feb 28 //Ponca Politics// Noon - City Hall
Ponca Politics forum is with Senator Coleman, Rep. Luttrell and Rep. Pfeiffer in the Commission Chambers at City Hall. Listen and speak with our local representatives.

Transportation for Employees
Staff attended a Regional Transportation Meeting held this week here at City Central. If you are an employer, you know the transportation woes of your employees: car won't start. Car broken. Car wrecked. Car? What car? Sharing rides and relying on others to get to work puts a serious crimp in the employees ability to get to work and the employers ability to get the job completed. Luckily, here in Ponca City and Kay County there are some public transportation options. But only if the employee knows about them. Cimarron Transit , White Eagle Transit, cab companies and even some Uber rides are available. But what if they are not available for second or third shift times? And then there is the other transportation conversations about access to healthcare and food which came up during the conversations.

How can you assist with more rural transportation for all the things? Fill out this form. Yes, filling out a form can help . The more employers and businesses fill out this form, the more voice you have in the needs and solutions for rural transportation. And get your employees to fill it out as well. There are printable copies as well. Call our office if you would like some delivered. Ask for Kat. 580-765-7070 or send an email.

Is that a 2020 Census Yard sign? Why yes it is! You count for Kay County and you can show your support by putting a 2020 Census sign in your yard. And then post your Sign Selfie on Facebook with the hashtag #CensusSignSelfie. Sign selfies this week include the PC Fly-In and in front of the PCPS Building. And of course, fill out your 2020 Census form online, on the phone or when you receive the paper form.
You count for Kay County.
CURRENT JOB LISTINGS.... .. can be found on many different websites. Here are just a few starting with our favorite, Ponca Works. Remember, skills transfer. Maybe you have never worked in sales, but you have excelled in customer service. Think about those transferable skills and click that "Apply" button now.

Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
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