Weekly Update December 11, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
THIS WEEK.....PCDA Board of Trustees met for the last meeting of 2020. Insert Hallelujahs and Handclapping for the end of 2020 being in sight! Staff gave an end-of-the-year wrap up on small business (Pitch-off, IENetwork & entrepreneurs), marketing ( is getting a makeover), Business Retention & Expansion (our local companies are doing ok and some are doing very well) and City Central (occupancy and new tenants) to wrap up the year. Other topics included Lindsay Manufacturing being accepted to participate in the PCDA Industry Certification and Assistance Program (ICAP) and congratulating PTech and their partners (of which PCDA is one of many) on the Northwestern Oklahoma area being certified as a Center of Excellence. Workforce, workforce, workforce was mentioned (as usual) along as The Smith Building (still on the market) and a few other buildings which are not (on the the market).

Staff also chatted on cost of living (84.8), unemployment (6.8%) and the fate of the movie theatre industry. 100 is the standard Cost of living nationally, so your dollar goes farther in Ponca than say California where the cost of living in San Diego is 160.1. No wonder people want to move here from California! We won't even talk about NYC (it's higher). Kay County unemployment numbers are in-line with the state and nation and there may have been a tear or two shed for the theatres.

If you want to compare your cost of living here in Ponca with other locations, check out the Cost of Living Calculator on our website. Keep reading for internship/co-op programs Ponca Works is pursuing with industry through our partners at NOC and of course, our Dogs of Industry segment. Staff asks you to wear your mask (we do, even for pictures) and be safe as we count down to Christmas and other holidays.
CSE Bliss

Maggie is seven years young and is our office “door greeter”. She welcomes everyone and then wants to be scratched and will even roll over for you to scratch her belly. She was acquired by Taffy Bliss Locke and her husband five years ago as a rescue from Wichita Humane Society. We were looking for a dog small enough to carry, big enough to see run across the pasture, with big ears and a big personality.... She has it ALL.

She was acquired to be companion for her daddy when he is feeding cows and farming after his fulltime job. The last two years she has been coming to work with Taffy and is at the door ready to go to work every morning then off to farm chores after work. She is quiet but will come up and wag her tail and tap you with her foot till she gets your attention. Everyone in the plant enjoys Maggie. She makes everyone’s day a little brighter. Her daddy is retiring from his fulltime job soon and she will become a fulltime cowdog, rounding up the cows when they get out and playing with the calves when feeding.
Blessed to have this rescue.
The Kaw Nation tree located in The Link @City Central grew this week and is now accompanied by information screens. Come check them out!
City Central is happy to announce The Central Perk (yes, that Perk) is open Mon-Fri on the first floor. We are glad to welcome Jennifer, Nikki and the rest of the crew to the downtown area. Their hours are 7:45 am to 2:00 pm. Except today; They are closed Friday, December 11th so go visit the main Perk location on 14th or come visit City Central next week.
You've heard the iconic "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings" line from arguably the best Christmas movie in history. This year the ringing bell tells a different tale in Ponca City. Our own (IRL) motion picture stars a Ponca City High School graduate who made her way over to NOC for the pre-engineering program (and interned a summer at PCDA). The tale goes onto show this heroine graduate NOC and move to Minnesota (brrr) for several months.

Why would this seemingly genius heroine choose to make this radical decision? Because the Iron Range Engineering program at Minnesota State University is offering the Bell Program; In which a student with a two year pre-engineering degree can take one semester (in person, or by zoom) and spend the last two years of their degree remotely working for a Co-Op company as an Engineering Intern while earning their bachelor's degree. This gives a way for us workforce folk to train for industry while the student learns out of books; a simple way to grow our own workforce and keep them close.

"Wait," you may ask, "this seems odd. It seems like education and industry are ...gasp...working together?" To which we'd reply - "It's a Christmas MIRCALE!" And so this old and new tale are both ending the same - instead of angel wings, we will give engineering wings.

For more information on how to get your own engineering intern contact Ponca Works 580-765-7070

Saturday, December 12 // Pet Pictures with Santa // Doodle Academy
Bring your fur babies to get pictures with Santa for this Fix a Feral fundraiser
at The Doodle Academy from 10:30 to 1:00 pm.

December 24 & 25; Jan/City Central & PCDA Offices Closed
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

JANUARY 15-24 // Of Mice and Men // Ponca Playhouse

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