Weekly Update August 28, 2020

Forward Together: Ponca City Development Authority
THE CUSTOMER MAY NOT ALWAYS BE RIGHT, BUT THEY MAKE THE DECISIONS…So this week, PCDA worked a small lead; one that offers a case study in how economic development outside of urban areas typically works.

The company in question is looking at four different communities and Ponca City is one of them. So far so good. They have asked us to send them information on buildings that meet the specifications they provided. This is where reality sets in. If we do not have the building they want, we will not get the project…period. They are not just looking for a building. They are looking for the building (or site, or office, etc.). Most companies with whom we come in contact with during our outreach, charm offensives, relationships, come hither looks and so forth, are not looking at Ponca City because of incentives, our market, workforce, business climate, low cost of living or even our high quality of life. Those things come into play only if we have what they want.

The companies pick a region, sometimes a small region (a four communities region is the smallest we have seen to date), sometimes a big region (six states), usually something in-between, and then they look for the appropriate building. After they have found the right building, they ask about workforce before things get serious. In other words, they do not choose a community and look for a building. They look for a building within their selected region and then decide if the community in which that building is located works for them. There are exceptions, of course, but the vast majority of projects we work fall squarely into this scenario. Urban areas get the presumption of workforce availability. Those of us outside of metros who can’t sell workforce need to have something else to sell and that is almost always the building the customer wants.

This is why we talk about spec buildings and why City Central is so important. Companies (the customer) will only “buy” what they want to buy and they shop on-line before we even know they are looking. They have choices and they vote with their feet. In this week’s case, we provided the customer with the few available buildings Ponca City had that came close to their request. Success will depend upon whether any of the other four communities have something they like better.
Commercial properties listed on

WITH DEEPEST RESPECT…You may have heard that former City Manager Gary Martin passed away this week. PCDA extends our deepest condolences to his family. Gary’s passing is obviously a profound loss to them, it is also a real loss to the community. As City Manager at the birth of PCDA, Gary was a true friend of economic development and a true community leader in every sense of the world. The world may seem somehow less without him today, but his legacy has built a richer Ponca City for many generations to come.

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Is your company seeking new clients? A different customer? The State of Oklahoma may be looking for your products or services. Find out how to align your business with the state and acquire those new customers. Free. Did we mention free? #AskDawn. Dawn Brakey, the local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), she knows all things government contracting. She will get you answers and assist your business as you move forward with doing business with the State of Oklahoma. See flyer below to register for this program. Did we mention it is free?
IT'S A GREAT STORY.....a great B2B story that started not so great. PCDA spotted the story while doing some research on Facebook (yes, research). The Dapper Dog hotdog cart was involved in an accident a couple of weeks ago. Our favorite Dapper Dog owner appears to be okay, but where do you get a hotdog cart repaired? Because Ponca CIty LOVES these hotdogs. Enter Mitchco Fabrication who repaired the cart. There was also a shout out from Dapper Dog to Josh Short Plumbing for their help on getting the Dog Cart in tip-top shape. We are happy to announce Dapper Dog is back in the hotdog business today, Friday at the corner of 14th & Prospect. PCDA does love a good collaboration story!
Wed, Sept 2// 1 Million Cups// Pioneer Technology Center 8:30 am
We have the coffee and Rikkis Specialty Meats & Treats business story.
Meet Rikki & get to see all the rest of us too! In the Seminar Center, North Side of BLDG
Bring a friend. There is plenty of coffee and small business.

Monday, Sept 7 // Labor Day // PCDA Office Closed

Tuesday, Sept 8 // Pioneer Tech Manager's Tool Belt (First Session)
8 Sessions (weekly) on building a stronger management team and culture within your business. Sessions will be held at Pioneer Technology Center from 11:30 to 1:30 through November 3rd (no session October 27th). The cost is $499 which includes all materials, lunch each session. Call Corbin DeWitt at 580.718.4350 or for more information.

Thursday, Sept 10 // PCDA Board Meeting // 7:30 am // City Central

Wed, Sept 16 // Doing Business with the State of OK// Virtual & City Central
Seeking new clients? Customers? The State of Oklahoma may be looking for your products or services. Find out how to align your business with the state and acquire those new customers. 10:00 to 2:00 pm. See flyer below to register.

We mentioned Central Fare,the new outdoor seating/eating/meeting area at City Central, was completed last week. Many have dropped by on their lunch hour and PCDA is happy to see people posting pictures in the area. This space is also available for rental for parties or get-togethers in the evenings and weekends. Find out all the details about this and all the other meeting spaces available at Mark your calendars for September 11 & 12 for the City Arts Crawl downtown. Make time to come check out City Central & Central Fare.
Taking pictures in front of the murals is always encouraged.
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