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Attracting Workforce, the Big Issues

When you are attracting and retaining good workforce, what are you offering them? It used to be that a stable job and a pay check were enough. Now employers are having to look more attractive, offering more incentive and benefit options, employee development, and an atmosphere where you care about the person that is your employee. Many large corporations are even offering pet insurance as a way to attract people.

Ponca Works is hosting a job fair to help local business find these amazing employees, but in a job market where there are more jobs than employees we want you to be successful finding your perfect employee match.

Obviously, people are working to get a paycheck, but so much more is at play. How does your company show that other side?

BE WELCOMING: Are you welcoming? Having a person working your booth that is standing up, smiling, inviting and easy to talk to shows that you care.

BE FUN: Are you fun? Laughing, not being too serious, having some goofy giveaways helps with that! Dorada Foods gives away chicken shaped stress balls, if that isn't having a good sense of humor then I don't know what is!

OFFER BENEFITS: Do you offer benefits and time off for your employees? Showing those benefits and being transparent about what you offer makes them feel like you respect them and their families. If benefits are hard for you as a small company, look into the Chamber Blue insurance that is offered to members of the Chamber of Commerce; please contact

OFFER DEVELOPMENT: Do you offer any training programs or a ladder of growth within your company? Even if it is having a more experienced employee offer some training after work a few times a month, it gives your employees a way to make themselves better. Which makes them know that you care.

Making this "other" side of your company visible is so important! While many of you may be using a temp agency to hire many of your positions, I encourage you to still participate in the job fair. No one can tell your story as well as you can!

Lastly, if you are a part of the Ponca Works Ambassador Program- let your ambassador attend the job fair with your HR person! They are the face of your young employees, and the best way to tell the story of how great you are.