We Have Cookies

Students were intrigued by posters plastered all around the Ponca City High School enticing them with cookies.  The Assembly Center was filled with stickiness (from the muggy weather and faulty air conditioning) and anticipation; Because whether the gathering of students would admit it, the cookies didn't fully entice them.  It was also the "oh crap, I'm graduating soon!" feeling that was the driver to their attendance at our first Careers and Cookies meeting of the 2018-2019 school year.  

A few were brave enough to raise their hands to admit that they had no idea what the future after high school held for them.  For every hand raised, you can assume there were many others not ready yet to admit it out loud.  This isn't a doom and gloom update, because students had their butts in those seats looking for answers and solutions to the barriers in their way.  Most that filled the Assembly Center that morning had part time jobs.  Many had some sense of what they would be good at or enjoy, just not a pathway of how to accomplish it.  

Ponca Works gets excited to work with our future workforce.  Building bridges, making connections and filling our local employers needs is satisfying on a personal level when you get to see students finding something fulfilling for their future.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates from these awesome students soon to be employees!

If your business would like the chance to speak to classrooms or the Careers and Cookies group, please contact Liz!