They Want Better Jobs, We Want Better Workers.

See above link for the Ponca Works job postings. Did you know that we post those hard to fill positions on our job boards and share them around the internet, at career fairs, and through word of mouth in our statewide network. We are happy to think outside the box brainstorming for hiring, retraining or helping recruit!

Some of the helping to recruit means finding what work life balance your employees value and helping to plug them into our community! The great part about Ponca City, is that there are a ton of ways to get involved. However, sometimes as a newcomer, speaking from experience, it's hard to know what's available here. Offering some sort of information or introduction to organization's that would be of interest is always helpful.

Sometimes your best recruit is a current employee that you help to re-tool! The WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) has training dollars that can help you make your employees skilled at some in-demand trades. Contact our local Oklahoma Works office for more details.

The workforce shortage isn't a new problem, nor will it be a short lived issue. Finding new ways to overcome your need for bodies to fill your jobs is what we do. Come brainstorm with us, we may even buy you a coffee in the lobby while we mind map a whiteboard.