Returning to Work

How re-entering the workplace can be difficult

While it seems our state is in a stage of re-opening, the job postings are sailing across my desk and screen. This feels like a positive place to be, the return of jobs. There are many struggles from an employer side: from enticing their workforce back, to following safe working procedures and guidelines, while keeping up profitability which has probably taken a hit recently.

From an employee side the struggles are different. As a society, we have learned to slow down. Working less, doing less extracurricular activities. We have learned to make due without - with everything from childcare to our favorite brand of paper towels. And just like that, without a fix, we are being pushed back into normal life.

Without a governmental order, we are in charge of our own safety. Do we let our kids play sports, go to daycare, can we do without a second income? While being an employer who cares about their employees has always been important for the upcoming generations, it becomes important to us all right now.

We at Ponca Works understand these uncertainties, we know it's difficult with whatever you decide to do to keep you and your families safe. We stand with you during this time. We post jobs from thoughtful and caring employers. Whether you're an employer looking to hire, or an employee needing leads, resume help or training, Ponca Works is here for you. Please reach out with your workforce needs.