Ponca Works Graduate

Tristen Starkey

Tristen came to Ponca City in 2017, just fews weeks after she got married to her husband Cole. Cole moved to the Kay County region for his first career job after college. As a trailing spouse Tristen wandered into our office looking for a good fit for her brand new Organizational Leadership degree. PCDA was delighted that a quick google search led her to us. We used our network to find her several positions to apply for, and several interviews later she ended up starting her career at Bliss Industries in Human Resources.

After Tristen gained some experience, like any true millennial, she was ready to move on to new challenges and broaden her horizon. We have welcomed her to the PCDA offices this week as our new Administrative Services Manager.

When we have newcomers move to Ponca City, and we do often, we like it when they buy a house, find their group of people, participate in community events, and move forward with their careers. This makes Ponca City their new home rather than a stoping point on their journey.

Let Ponca Works help you find your next best employee.