National Manufacturing Day this year in Ponca City was celebrated on October 5th and was a huge success!  The above photo is just a few of the great partners that the manufacturing community utilizes to help with their day to day business needs!  From left to right, David Myers with Ponca City Development Authority, Natalie Frazer with Lindsay Manufacturing and Chair Woman of Ponca City Development Authority, Craig Stephenson with the City of Ponca City, and Kahle Goff with Pioneer Technology Center.  

The room was filled with resource tables to make connections with regional wage rates, health care alternatives, AI solutions, training programs and so much more.  The meat of the agenda began at breakfast, with a keynote speaking to us about a different way to hire.  

While our workforce is shrinking, and our demand for skilled positions is growing we have to shine our front doors, so to speak.  Putting a little elbow grease into how we hire and place employees, our work environment and culture, and the benefits we offer - as the younger generations place value on different things!  Jay Forte, of the Forte Factor, has a hiring process based on a personality assessment - and before you roll your eyes and move on read the next paragraph!

A local company has been utilizing this hiring process for 3 years now and took their turnover rate from 80% down to under 20%.  This means that you could keep those great employees from going down the street for an extra $0.25 an hour.  Reach out to Ponca Works for more info on this assessment and hiring process!