Love Ponca!

Most of what a makes a city desirable is the amenities that it has to offer. When contemplating a move to a new community, what's the first thing that you would do? I think most would answer that we'd google it, obviously. When I moved to Ponca City a little over 7 years ago, that's exactly what I did. Looking online for jobs, housing, and things to do proved hard for this rural Oklahoma community.

Fast forward 7 years, and I realize that I can't keep my calendar as clear as I'd like to because of all the opportunities and events that are available in our community. We have great shopping options in locally owned shops, with customer service that you can't find many places. It's easy to serve on boards, and get involved in causes that you're passionate about. There are many family friendly activities, and lots of outdoor recreation.

What is hard, is getting that information when you're new to the community. When I first started getting involved I was invited to a running group that met several mornings a week, and drank coffee together afterwards. It takes meeting just that one kind person who takes and interest and helps you plug in.

The workforce shortage across the country means that as a part of workforce development we need to start thinking of things like this. When Ponca Works attends job fairs across the region to recruit people to move and work here, we need to be offering them more than a job. They are looking for a way of life. The Ponca way of life is a good one, we just need to be better at telling our story and at being more accessible.