Interning and other such learning

Meeting with the district school yesterday about how Covid-19 will change not only classroom learning but also on the job learning. 3 years ago Ponca Works partnered with Ponca City High School to create an internship program that the students get classroom credit for.

With many students benefiting from this over the years, we can continually worked to grow this internship program. During the 19-20 school year we had 23 students unitize this program, which helps them with work place experience, knowing how to proceed with their future, knowing what careers they are interested in would be like in the real world and gaining valuable contacts for their future!

This year we are modifying the Wildcat Internship program, to make it safe for students and employers alike. If you are an employer who can take an intern this school year or if you would like to know more about how this would work and what the requirements are please let Liz at Ponca Works know. 580-765-7070 or

Changing our tomorrows today.