Gen Z

Talking our next generation about their future.

Workforce topics often times turn into humanity issues, as the workforce is made up of humanity. All it's (our) challenges, changes, rapid growth, new concepts, motivations, barriers. While the millennial have "grown up" we are ushering in a new generation into our workplace ranks, Gen Z.

One of the topics that has come up lately, is motivation. As I've been told, there used to be no issue with it. You don't have a choice, you work or you starve. There are many more factors in today's decisions of work; Where, when, how much, do my employers care about me, do I care about this work, am I creating a change, what do I enjoy, what am I passionate about. Whether right or wrong, these are all questions that plague the generation coming up.

While schools are sharing their thoughts on education, and parents are sharing their thoughts, students are still most influenced by their own experiences and by peers. Ponca Works is starting some new tactics to influence our next gen. We are hosting ambassadors at local companies to share their stories to the younger generation, speak on a peer to peer level. We are starting an AR tour project for gameifying some local industry tours. These will, hopefully, influence students to begin thinking in broader terms about their future.

As we are being creative in how we recruit your next workforce, each employer needs to start thinking creatively and how to motivate their new workers. Whether it's better employee engagement, continuing ed opportunities, creative scheduling, quality of life incentives, or just a good old fashioned 'we care' mentality. All these this will help us to build the best workforce for Ponca City to continue to thrive.