Gearing up for Girls!

Channeling my inner 8th grade girl has been less of a challenge this week then I'd like to admit.  If you watch the above video you will see how girls, for whatever reason, are drawn to the 'pink aisle.'  Even as a woman now I still get excited for glitter paint and purple shirts.  

While setting up the projects and tour for Girl Power 2018,  people have asked me the theme of the camp, or what I'd like the girls to hear from them.  My response is always to let them hear your stories.  Knowing that others have struggled about what they want to do, getting little to no support on these decisions, and getting contradictory advice from different parties leaves girls even more scared to make a decision.  Chances are that they will choose a career that is the societal norm, because it feels safe.
Enter Girl Power.  Creating a space where the societal norm is to see women in non traditional careers will help guide girls toward a future that will be fulfilling and successful for them.  Not to mention, the central reason for this camp, is to bolster the future workforce for Ponca City employers!  
So thank you to all involved with this camp, from the tour guides to the errand girls.  We couldn't do this without you!