Engineer in Training

My name is Madison Kimbrel and I have been interning with the PCDA over the summer.

My Favorite color is mint green, and my favorite food is French fries. I am currently a student at Northern Oklahoma College majoring in Engineering. I am also heavily involved in the theater program.

Overall, this internship has been one of the best experiences that I have had. The people here are fantastic and made me feel right at home working with them. My favorite thing that I got to do this summer was helping teach the girls at Girl Power how to use power tools. Although I didn’t learn much about economic development in my time here, I did learn a lot about organization of files and a bit about office life which will benefit me going forward.

My biggest takeaway concerning my future career goals is my opportunity to have some teamwork. When I’m in my classes we have group projects but having a team filing project to start with Miranda I was able to get a feel for what teamwork is outside of a school setting. This will be a very important skill for me to have when I move on the Bell Program when I finish my time at NOC. At Bell teamwork will be a very important skill to have as it will be hands on training for the field of engineering that I choose to go into. As an engineer communication is crucial. I will spend five months in Minnesota for extensive training, after the five months if I can find co-op opportunities here in Ponca I would love to come back. I am extremely interested in renewable energy and I can see myself working on either a wind farm or in a refinery to help lower the pollution that is put out into the atmosphere.

Being a part of the PCDA will help me accomplish this because it has given me resources to be able to find Co-Ops here in Ponca or very close by.

To learn more about the bachelor degree that Miranda will receive through a 5 month intensive program and then on the job learning see: