Employer Lunch

As anyone who has to hire employees knows, there is a workforce shortage in the United States. Harvard Scholars have been anticipating this for decades, and back in 2008 the demand for workforce increased over the supply. This has changed everything about how we recruit, hire and incentivize our workforce. This has changed the culture of our businesses as well.  

Ponca Works is small potatoes in the overall scheme of brains that are huddling around the table to find solutions to these growing issues. That doesn't mean that we aren't taking the weight of the issue seriously, you should be a fly on the wall of our office sometime to hear our hair brained or perhaps labeled more professionally out of the box ideas!  

One of the tools that we utilize is a service for posting jobs on the internet to help recruit better candidates. Since beginning this service six months ago, we have already helped to place dozens of candidates into hard to fill positions around the community. We are offering a free training for this service on 6/7/18 at noon, there are 5 spots left.

Please contact if you'd like to attend!