Community Makes the World Go Round

This week has been busy for Ponca Works as all the new programmings set in motion late summer is ramping up and taking place now. We had three more Ambassadors speak at the Ponca City High School to every freshman student this week. We are creating a culture of increased internal marketing to future workforce. Because if we don't tell these students what Ponca City has to offer and ask them to stay, then how can we expect them to!?

Another exciting project which began production this week is the Augmented Reality Tours (think VR without the goggles.) Creating an App where students (or adults if you're interested) can tour and interact with primary industry. It is cutting edge technology which can offer to be a bridge between our future workforce and the work available here in Ponca City.

Putting this type of tech plus information in front of students will rewire their thinking, help them to become more prepared and think about the bigger picture of their future and their community. When they are rewired to think about their career, then we will be able to teach them how to prepare best for that career. Problem solving, communication, reliability, pride of work, these are all the basic attributes needed from our future workforce to help us fill this skills gap in our nation.

Our pilot program for the AR tours is begins with Continental Carbon, Custom Mechanical Equipment, Bliss Industries and Log10. If your company is interested in being a part of this program in future years, please let us know!