Are you trained for the right job?

Lots of jobs open, but are you trained in the right field?

We have the lowest unemployment rate in our nation in a long time. It's also the lowest in our state. All employers I know are searching high and low for those magical unicorn employees with the ability to show up on time and consistently. If the employee has skills beyond that they are in significantly higher demand. They are vying for them. In this environment and “job seekers” market its a sad moment to watch people be turned away.

Why are they turned away you ask? Those who have resumes, and soft skills and beautifully written resumes?

It’s because of their field of study. Some of the most attractive positions to young people are ones that our economy doesn't need. Often times we encourage people to do what they love, not realizing that much more needs to go into a decision about career choices.

Ponca Works encourages students to work backwards to solve this issue.

1) Decide how much schooling you want to do and what kind. In a recent study from the EDGE Initiative, is that by 2025 most of our workforce will need some sort of training beyond high school. The training though is very closely equal in needed technically and professionally trained employees.

2) Decide where you'd like to live. Young people are moving less for job opportunities and valuing the area more than the career. While we had a theory that the digital age would make the world flat, and make location less important, this has not been the case. This will make your location even more important. See what is available in that area within your interests, or see what is needed in that area that you could bring value to!

3) Stay true to yourself, but don't be naive. Many times the things you enjoy and are good at could lead to many different career paths. While we are more connected than ever, we often don't take the time to figure out what we don't know. Take time to see what your natural abilities personality say about what careers are available, do internships to find out what that career field would be like, ask questions.

After you've done these things, then make a more educated decision about your future.